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What yall need/should get:
  • emerald (ditch that viewer 2)
  • a collar (opencollar, amethyst, etc... ask vih she knows all too much about bonding)
  • clothes! (free ones everywhere, ask your friendly vih)
  • gestures (you can't walk without finding a couple thousand of these)

IM: Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
jackiepolaka Aho has entered chat range.
Vihlyrel Eclipse: Hey sweetie
jackiepolaka Aho: helllo
jackiepolaka Aho: what do i do
Vihlyrel Eclipse: the is ssj.....he can help you with any questions and such babe
Vihlyrel Eclipse: SSJ!!!!!!!!!!!!
jackiepolaka Aho: i want to kiss her
Vihlyrel Eclipse: COME HELP
Vihlyrel Eclipse: do you know?
jackiepolaka Aho: where did i ago
Vihlyrel Eclipse: you sat on the couch
Vihlyrel Eclipse: Come here baby
jackiepolaka Aho: ok
jackiepolaka Aho: where are u
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: sorry was playing with my new birdie
Vihlyrel Eclipse: this is Jackie ssj
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: Helloooo jackie
Vihlyrel Eclipse: help her please
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: sure thing babe gotta relog real quick to change headset
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink PAUSES the game (brb)
Kenn Szondi is Online
Vyper DeSantis is Online
Xerxes.cat_fight.tiny: Usage: Face your target and Say '/fight [person's name]' or '/1fight [person's name]'
Pounce: Usage: Face your target and Say '/pounce [person's name]' or '/1pounce [person's name]'
oop: -->>> Usage: Say '!list' for a list of MultiTool functions!
ninja humper: Ninja humper modified for Caleb Moreau. Type: '/1!hump (name)' to hump someone =3
GM RLV 3.3 retained: @versionnum=899222
Small white teeth: Preloading sounds
Peasant Staff: Offensive Stance 

Small white teeth: Say "/2 snarl" to arm
Empower HUD v4.0: Spells can be cast by clicking the spell you wish to cast on the HUD.
Empower HUD v4.0: Particle Effect Sparkle selected.
Empower HUD v4.0: jadie Darkfold is online.
Empower HUD v4.0: Empowerment complete.  Empower v4.0 HUD is now active.
Empower HUD v4.0: Text commands active.  Spells can be cast by typing 'magick' followed by your spell or magick by itself for a list of spells.
Empower HUD v4.0: Commands accepted in chat or on channel 5 e.g. /5 magick 
Downloading clothing...
oop: To remove title: title off
Empower HUD v4.0: Tetley Mistwood is online.
Dice Crystal is Online
dakota Ivorymage is Online
Kaligula Toussaint is Online
Empower HUD v4.0: vihlyrel eclipse is online.
Empower HUD v4.0: arden hax is online.
OpenCollar - 3.501 (chest) (chest 2): Settings loaded from web database.
oop: <color name> can be: white, black, red, green, blue, pink, cyan, purple, yellow, orange
jackiepolaka Aho has entered chat range.
Vihlyrel Eclipse has entered chat range.
OpenCollar - 3.501 (chest) (chest 2) retained: @version=293847

Vihlyrel Eclipse: get on the pink ball
GM RLV 3.3: RLV found
GM RLV 3.3 executes: @showminimap=n
GM RLV 3.3 executes: @setenv=n
GM RLV 3.3 failed: @setenv_daytime:<0=force (invalid option)
OpenCollar - 3.501 (chest) (chest 2) executes: @clear
OpenCollar - 3.501 (chest) (chest 2) failed: @no_hax=n (unknown command)
OpenCollar - 3.501 (chest) (chest 2) executes: @accepttp:ee381af9-ff64-469b-ba09-077bb258d290=n
OpenCollar - 3.501 (chest) (chest 2) executes: @accepttp:c86dedba-f9e5-4919-8a65-9b87bece0e76=n
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: back
Vihlyrel Eclipse: |||::WELCOME BACK, IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME.......
Vihlyrel Eclipse: ssj
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: Day-o, me say daaay-o~
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: ty
Vihlyrel Eclipse: Day-o, me say daaay-o~
IM: Paxtyn Melody: 5000% exactly now.. ty
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: Okie dokie jackie, what's the problem. Im the problem solver
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: ...and maker
IM: Cycat Destiny: i would offer but i'm all full lol
IM: Silverthorn Karu: ok, i have some space now Cat
jackiepolaka Aho: what do i do
IM: Cycat Destiny: kk sending some
IM: Silverthorn Karu: :))
Vihlyrel Eclipse: she just signed up today ssj
Vihlyrel Eclipse: for me
Vihlyrel Eclipse: to be with me
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: Awesomeness.
jackiepolaka Aho: i belong to eclipse
Vihlyrel Eclipse: so she has NO CLUE what to do
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: well she made it out of orientation island without a brand, i'd say she's on her way
Vihlyrel Eclipse: I TPed her out of welcome island
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: lol
Vihlyrel Eclipse: I plan to collar her as well
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: as well as whom...
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: you got more friend s in there?
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink peeks into the bed.
Vihlyrel Eclipse: ME?!?!
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: collar yourself?
Vihlyrel Eclipse: what a silly question
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: kinky
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: Well, first she'll need a collar.
Vihlyrel Eclipse: I am going to collar Jackie
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: I can give her an update opencollar
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: updated*
Vihlyrel Eclipse: what brand?
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: newbie brand
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: :P
Vihlyrel Eclipse rolls eyes
Vihlyrel Eclipse: I think I have a collar
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: well its all server side so it doesn't really matter.
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: she wont get my settings.
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: and if she is gonna do gor she'll need a gm...
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: opencollar comes with an ao so she can be set with that right away
Vihlyrel Eclipse: I know the collars I have worked with....so I will see if I have any
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: when it comes to free clothes she'd have to see trini about that.
Vihlyrel Eclipse: well then send me a page on it and set her up
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: i would also recommend she ditch viewer 2 and use a 3rd party like emerald
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: viewer 2 is confusing even for me... which doesnt say much
ssjkriccolo Kitchensink: okie dokie. i already have a site devoted to setting up the peoples